Broadband Solution


As the IT and Telecommunications technologies have been advancing so rapidly thereby breaking up the time-space restrictions so far been imposed on us, the social paradigm has been shifting from the brick-and-mortar industry conception to the information industry conception

The digital technology has been developing so rapidly and significantly toward addressing the broadband applications versatility, upon which the integrations of voice & data, telecommunications & broadcasting, and wireline & wireless are being pursued quite actively.

In the midst of the above remarkable changes in the industry environments, WooriNet was founded in 2000 specializing in the design and manufacturing and supply of fiber optics transmission system and has now remarkably enhanced the business capacity to the stage of covering the entire wireline access network systems market that connects the end users to the backbone network of the telecommunications service providers.

In 2008, Samsung Electronics & in 2017 Pantech has transferred all business,
design know-how and manufacturing right for access gateway
systems & LTE Internet of Things Solutions to WooriNet and In 2018,
we are expanding into the full-scale ICT business by entering the OLED manufacturing solution business.

In spite of continued increase
in the high-speed internet service subscribers as well as remarkable
enhancements in technology Despite all these unfavorable business
environments, in order to find blue ocean WooriNet keeps forecasting
the future and making the relevant preparations proactively
in an aggressive posture of “Foresee, Anticipate and Preoccupy”

WooriNet is ambitious to lead the Information & Communication Technology
market, for which the entire staffs including the management are determined
to adapt to the changes in the technology, market, and customers quite actively.

WooriNet is even determined to lead the changes to the extent of providing
the new values to the customers in advance thereby assuming a leading role in
accomplishing the ubiquitous digital revolution.