Broadband Solution


Core Value

WooriNet, Inc. We will be the progressive company that makes continuous leap forward based on technology development and leading market.

Core Purpose

Promote the continual improvement of personnel toward resulting in the organizational improvement. Keep reinforcing the strength while complementing the weakness of the company toward evolving to the organism. Therefore escalate personnel value and possess personnel worth and well-being

Vision Statement

Our objective is to grow with the company that grows. In order to achieve this objective, we adapt quite actively to the changes in technology, market, and customer, then lead the changes so as to offer in advance the new values that the customers will require.

As a means to accomplish, we will take the lead in the telecommunications market by leading the technologies in the wireline and wireless integration and the voice and data integration, then extend such a lead to encompass the information & communication technology market thereby secure the information & communication technology market ahead of competitors.

Upon achieving this objective, we will find ourselves to have become a real professional enviable by everybody as well as finding our company to have grown up to the satisfaction of our staffs, customers and shareholders, thus making a great contribution to personnel and our society.

Time to Market / World-level R&D We are launching new products reflection on market changes and consumer needs faster than anyone by leading changes by predicting a variety of changes for the management environment and leading the changes coping with them.

Price competitiveness We are maximizing the commercialization of R&D with accurate forecasting capabilities for the evolution and application of Information & Communication Technology, and cost competitiveness through continuous process innovation activities.